Export Data Set Mapping

This is a technical guide on how to export a data set mapping from Specify 7. This is most often useful for troubleshooting upload errors or associated issues.

  1. Navigate to the WorkBench data set you are having trouble with

  1. Right-click on the background and select Inspect
    For Chrome or Edge, select Inspect


For Firefox, select Inspect (Q)


  1. Click on the image (object selection) icon and select the Data Mapper button.

    In the Elements viewer on the right panel, select the <button type="button" class="!px-2... component above the <a href="/specify/workbench-plan/... component.

    In the Styles viewer below the Elements panel click on the .cls button. Uncheck the hidden checkbox and you should see a [DEV] Show Plan button appear to the left of the Data Mapper button in the WorkBench.

  1. Click the [DEV] Show Plan button. Now you can see a full JSON print out of the WorkBench mapping.

    You can copy and paste this into a text editor and share it along with an export of your data set to support@specifysoftware.org!

There is actually a simpler solution (in 7.8)

  1. Open the dataset
  2. Without closing the data set, open the “About Specify” dialog using in User Tools menu
  3. Click on the “Download information” button
  4. Send us the resulting file