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Get Help

This is the place for raising and discussing any specific issue, including workflows, tasks, data wrangling, software issues, and getting things done.


This category includes all Specify documentation for Specify 6 and 7. You can use the tags feature to filter between versions.

New Feature Requests

This is the spot for suggesting and championing new capabilities for Specify platforms.

Welcome Specify Members

SCC members are invited to ignite Specify-related discussions using the Specify Community Forum.

GeoSpecify Project

The Specify Collections Consortium (SCC) announces a new initiative to extend the Specify specimen data management platform to the earth sciences, to add support for geoscience museum collections of rocks, minerals, meteorites, gemstones, and related collection object types. We will extend the open-source Specify 7 web platform to include the data concepts, collection business logic, and interface customizations needed for managing geocollection data. Along with the SCC, the collaboration is co-led by the Swiss Natural History Museums of Bern, Basel, and Geneva, along with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (NCMNS). The effort is funded by a grant from the Swiss Natural History Collections Network (SwissCollNet), a program of the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

Give Development Feedback

Seeking feedback on the design of future Specify releases.

Discipline Hangouts

Share recommendations, advice, projects, workflows, data, and issues by discipline.

SCC Governance

This category will include information related to governance and activities of the SCC Board and Advisory Committees.

Specify Network

Ideas and perspectives on extended specimen data linking and integrations of collection management system collections within the broader data community.

Specify Open Source Ecosystem

Promoting Specify Open Source Collaborations

Collections Community News

News from SCC Members–events, jobs, projects.