Accession Autonumbering: Add collection code?

I got a question from an end user responsible for registering accessions for many years. We use the “YYYY-AA-nnn” format and the middle letters are used for the collection code abbreviation. She wanted to know whether it’s possible to have the collection code set automatically, e.g. “EN” or “AV”.


I have been looking at the visual editor, but it did not offer me any obvious routes for making this so:

Hi Fedoras,

I believe that you should be able to configure the field format for the accession number on a per collection basis using app resources. In the configuration below, I have swapped AA for EN in the alphanumberic line.

<format system="true" name="AccessionNumber" class="edu.ku.brc.specify.datamodel.Accession" fieldname="accessionNumber" default="true">
    <field type="year" size="4" value="YEAR" byyear="true"/>
    <field type="separator" size="1" value="-"/>
    <field type="alphanumeric" size="2" value="EN"/>
    <field type="separator" size="1" value="-"/>
    <field type="numeric" size="3" inc="true"/>

Then in the other collection, just modify so that AA is AV etc. The scoping is the same as for form definitions (you can do it by discipline, collection, user)

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