Add Other Resources Tab

  1. In Specify, go to Help → About.

On macOS:

On Windows and Linux:

About Specify

  1. Double click your database name in the upper right side of the window. In this example, the database name is “ku_birds”.

  1. In the Local Prefs window, click Add Property.

  1. In the Property column, enter “ADD_IMP_RES”. (It must be added exactly as is here or it will not function.) In the Value column, enter “true”.

  1. Click another field in the window to save the entry. Click Close.

  2. In Specify, go to System in the menu at the top and select Resource Import/Export… from the drop down menu.

You will receive a warning that any changes you make will require you to exit Specify. Make sure there are no changes you need to save, and click Continue if you do not. If you have changes to be saved, click Cancel, save the changes and repeat this step.

  1. In the Resources Import/Export Window, open the other resources tab and go to the desired level in the drop down list at the top.

  1. Click TypeSearches (Database) to highlight it (or the name of the file you want to export/import/revert.

  2. If you want to remove the current file, you can click Revert to clear out the old file.
    If you want to replace the current file, you can click Import to overwrite the file.
    If you want to export the current file to make changes, you can click Export.

  3. Restart Specify and navigate back to the Other Resources tab under the desired level.

  4. If you want to import the new file, click Add New Resource, then click Import.

  5. You will have to restart Specify to see the change.