Attachment Save Errors

It seems like saving certain types of records after creating attachments for them frequently (or maybe always) results in a crash on save. I can’t list all of the tables where it happens off the top of my head, but it is happening consistently for me with the Collecting Trip table. I’m trying to attach a .jpg map but get the attached crash report when I save.
Specify 7 Crash Report - 2023-03-30T19_48_48.843Z.txt (801.4 KB)
This is not a problem, thankfully, for the collection object tables or the collecting information/event tables, but several others

Hi @Plarson,

Thank you for your report! I was able to recreate the behavior you described and have created a bug report for this (Issue #3289).

We are going to investigate this issue and test uploading attachments through all tables that support attachments.

If you find that another table has the same issue, please leave a reply here or on GitHub so that we know what to look out for!

Thank you!