Batch Edit - Specify 6.8.02

I was wondering if someone could help me. A few weeks ago, we were able to do a batch edit (Specify 6.8.02) on our storage temperature field as in some entries the degrees symbol was replaced by something else. So I just replaced it back by the correct symbol.

I am trying to do now another batch edit in our subspecies field as some entries escaped quality control before being uploaded via Specify 7. When the data was uploaded there was a dash (-) added to this field for around 4000 entries. We are trying to remove the dash from all of these entries, but when we press now the batch edit function we get the error: ‘The Upload Tool Panel is not available for this Workbench because of problems with its mappings’. I have tried going back to the storage field again to see if I could at least pass beyond this step and the same error comes up.

Any idea how I can sort this out?
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Hi @mcosta,

Can you share a screenshot of your query? When you are trying to do this new round of batch editing, are you using the same query as you were before? If not, I recommend trying the original query or attempting to recreate it.

Some queries are not compatible with the BatchEdit tool. You can try to remove any fields that are not necessary to display while performing your batch editing from the query!

I am interested in this topic as well

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It seems that I needed to add an important field (Catalog number) and not remove fields (as I only had one field selected). I tried it now adding Catalog Number to the query above and the error message no longer appears, though it is still saying it is loading for the past 20 minutes. I believe this is due to the number of records, but I will check again tomorrow if it passed this step to allow me then to make the changes. I am really looking forward to have Batch Edit in Specify 7 and hoping that it will be much quicker to make amendments (as running queries are) to a large number of records than what is presently possible in Specify 6. I will let you know in the next day or so if running the query with the catalog number and the field that needs amendments works.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.