Batch Identify Support in Specify 7

We use Batch Identify to apply determinations to many specimens at once. The Taxon table has not been made available in Batch Edit, instead the Batch Identify tool allows application of one new Determination to multiple Collection Objects and is an important utility for our workflow in Specify 6. We use this utility when loans are returned with new determinations and for updating accepted taxonomic names.

You can currently use the Specify 7 workbench for doing these kinds of operations - essentially augmentations of existing one-to-many relationships. By selecting the base table of the items you are wanting to add - determinations, sequences, citations, etc. - you can map the necessary fields and link each new one-to-many to a catalog number (by navigating to the related CO table) and thus enter new records

Thank you for this insight. The major advantage of the Batch Identify tool is allowing the user to quickly enter the new determination via the Full Name combined field in the Taxon query/combo box.