Morph Bank

Is the MorphBankView table is related to the international database

I’m looking for a field in Specify where to place Sex (gender) data and found it in MorphBankView.


This was a form that was produced through a collaboration with Morphbank some time ago but is fairly seldom used anymore. Most of the time users will use a weblink field to link out to MorphBank information rather than including and repeating all the information in their database.

In terms of the sex field this is typically recorded in collection object attributes - Specify Schema along with other attributes like measurements, weights, features, etc. Due to the huge variability in the way different collections handle and capture attribute information, this table is simply a large list of text and number fields that can be reused for any purpose. Ideally, you want to use a text file and then convert it into a pick list of terms for sex - Creating & Using Pick Lists.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions


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Thank you Andy! That’s what I thought. I should learn to trust myself a bit with Specify!