Option to collapse form sections in S7 (like you can in S6)

Sometimes when I am cruising through a record set for a small edit or check, I find it really handy to just collapse different sections of a data entry form, particularly, if a key piece of info is found further down on the sheet (like in a collection object form). For example, I wanted to edit a field at the top of my form, based on info in a lower section. In S6, I could collapse the sections in between, and it would maintain that view while clicking through the records in my set.

Is there a way to set that up in S7?

(currently having to scroll ‘down’ in 400 records…)

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Hi @HeatherC,

We have a GitHub issue for this request open and I have added your comments and name to the list of requestors!

We will certainly discuss implementing this in a future release. Thank you for your suggestion!