Require unique value

I wish there was a way in the schema to set a field to require unique values. For example, the catalog number throws an error if the one you’re trying to enter matches an existing one. It would be nice to be able to do this for other fields.


This can currently be done in Specify 6 by using a field formatter for any text field in the schema config and requiring uniqueness. If you do not have access to Specify 6 (hosted) we could potentially help you with this.



This is interesting as we also could use this feature. However, from your screenshot it isn’t obvious where to set the uniqueness validation check. Could you elucidate just a tad more?

@fedoras. Yes, I may have misspoken. I guess auto-incrementing does not necessarily infer uniqueness in this case and it does not look as if you can guarantee uniqueness using this method. I guess we will have to test it to see.

OK :slight_smile:

In that respect, it may be useful to consider a smarter auto-numbering system as I’m suggesting her:


The current system does check for existing catalog numbers and prevent duplicates (unless you are using an unformatted text string) - unless I am missing your point? Reservation of blocks is a good idea. Existing gaps can be found using a query and filled in by turning auto-catalog number assignment off but might be nice to automate.

It is checking for existing catalog numbers, but never goes back to unused catalog numbers is my point.