Smarter Catalog Numbering

Specify needs a smarter numbering system capable of:

  • Reservation of (blocks of) catalog numbers
  • Checking on already existing numbers upon data entry
  • Skip already existing numbers upon data import
  • Check for unused catalog numbers and start using those (preferably in backwards direction down to a baseline number e.g. 999)

The current method is quite crude and is basically just starting from the highest number for a given collection, which is a problem, since we’re using the same numbering system across our collections.

This issue is also discussed here:

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You can do all that by just turning the auto-numbering off (or not turning it on). I think this is something collections have to do for themselves, as each collection’s requirements will be different.

But then you will lose the auto-numbering.

Well, yes, but it seems that you do not want the auto-numbering that Specify provides, but rather implement your own numbering system.

I do want the auto-numbering. I just want it to be smarter.

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