Scriptlets for reports in SP7

Some scriptlets (namely, GetByLoanAgentRole) don’t function in SP7 and prevent us from being able to generate loan reports that include names of people involved with shipping, prepping, and receiving the loans. (see attached loan invoice header generated in SP6).
My request is that these be made to work in SP7.

we’ve also hit this. also keen to see it fixed (or some other work around added)

GitHub Issue:

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We had a meeting discussing this topic and I wanted to share our discussion about this with our members:

Explanation for the absence of some scripts:

Fundamentally, the Specify 7 report runner exists as a separate entity from the Specify 7 main instance. This means that the report runner only has access to the query output and no more. If the data cannot be aggregated in a way that appears correctly on the label (such as agent roles), there is no easy way to separate that data.

The Specify 6 report runner would fetch additional information from the database as the components were not separated like they are in 7. Implementing a solution like this would be messy and add a lot of complication to the current implementation.

Instead, our programmer proposed a solution that would involve creating formatters/aggregation for certain fields that could be parsed once the data is received by the report runner instance.

We are looking at a way to intelligently integrate this into Specify 7 in a way that preserves the current fast and stable implementation. Thank you for your feedback and mentions!