Set up Specify Asset Server to use an existing attachments directory

:warning: These are technical instructions for users who use Docker to deploy Specify 7

Mount the directory as a volume in the asset server container/home/specify/attachments/ - into this directory inside the container

In that directory, web asset server expects the following two directories -

The all-in-one has this config for asset server:

    restart: unless-stopped
    image: specifyconsortium/specify-asset-service
    init: true
      - "attachments:/home/specify/attachments"
      - SERVER_NAME=host.docker.internal
      - SERVER_PORT=80
      - ATTACHMENT_KEY=your asset server access key
      - DEBUG_MODE=false

Where attachments: in - "attachments:/home/specify/attachments" is a docker volume

Defined at line 10 in the docker-compose.yml:

  attachments: # the asset-servers attachment files

instead, can replace - "attachments:/home/specify/attachments" with i.e - "/some/dir/on/my/system:/home/specify/attachments"
and then remove the attachments: # the asset-servers attachment files line