Specify 7 error Internal Server Error: /stored_query/ephemeral/

Hi there,

I have troubles using specify7 with docker and an existing specify6 database, the ephemeral query always breaks… preventing me from using most of the functionnalities of specify7

In order to debug, I deployed the all-in-one containers and restored my database in it (which is in version 6.8.03)

After quite a bit of investigations I found out that the query ephemeral is breaking on an XML response at this moment:

/opt/specify7/specifyweb/stored_queries/format.py", line 43

with the error:

not well-formed (invalid token): line 179, column 29

so I managed to print the XML file in question (from format.py line 43)

formattersXML, _ = get_app_resource(collection, user, 'DataObjFormatters')
logger.info("breaking up on this file: %s", formattersXML,)

and what I found is an “é” (and a few others):

<field sep="Végetation : ">remarks</field>

So I went into my database and removed all special chars from the data column in spappresourcedata… and restarted my specify containers but I still have the same error on accents…

My question is : how can I remove those accents/special chars ?

Many thanks

ps: couldn’t find how to join a file but I can provide the xml fil if you’d like

Ok fixed now, I had special characters in data (blob type) column in spappresourcedata, I managed to remove them and it is working now.