Treatment Event for Preparation

Hi. Would it be possible to link the Treatment Event to the Preparation and not only to the Collection Object? If a specimen has 2 preparations, for example a skin and a skeleton, they would need different treatments. it would be possible to create 2 Treatment Events for the Collection Object and for each one indicate the preparation it corresponds to, but it would be clearer to have all the information related to a preparation accessible via the Preparation view.

I second this. Same for Conserv. Description.

Hi @sorovi,

This is something that we can add in the future when we are making schema changes to the data model. We have had a lot of interest in something like this recently, so I have created a feature request on our GitHub issue tracker:

I have added both you and @NielsKlazenga as requestors. Thank you so much for your request!

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Thanks @Grant, could that title be changed to ‚ÄėTreatment Events and Conserv. Descriptions for Preparations‚Äô? That is what I meant by my in hindsight rather cryptic comment.

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Great! Thanks @Grant and @NielsKlazenga.