Unable to add a collector to Collection Object form

I click the plus sign on the collectors subform. An Agent popup form appears with a blue Agent combo box. I type the collector’s last name and press the down arrow on my keyboard. I click on the name of my collector in the drop down list. The name I selected is supposed to appear in the blue box so that I can press the Accept button to add the collector to my form. Instead, the name never appears in the blue box and the last name I had typed disappears.

If instead of typing the last name in the blue Agent box I click the magnifying glass next to it, a second Agent Searh popup opens. I type the name in the last name field and press search, then select my collector in the search results and click OK. The Agent Search form closes but the name I selected doesn’t appear in the blue Agent box.

I can’t add determiners either. I tried reverting to the default botany.views.xml. I can’t add collectors or determiners there either. When I try to save the record I get this error message: “Specify was unable to recover from a database update problem.”

I moved my data directly from MS Access into MariaDB without using the Workbench. I think there must be something that is not right in my database tables.


I am able to add new people using the Agent form. The new records are saved to the Agent table.

The problem was I had zeros in my data (“0000-00-00” for dateofdeath in the agent table and 0.0000000000 for number1 in the determination table) that should have been null.