Usage of locality and Geography for countries

For historic collection objects, the locality is known at the country level only, e.g. like Italy. Because the locality field must not be empty for a collection event, the country name must be used in the locality field.

In such cases, at what level do you link it to Geography ? At the same (country) level, or at the next higher level (continent) ?

We repeat the same level in the Geography field. However, this will make the country name appear two times on the aggregated Locality field of the collection object form, something many users cannot understand.

I have seen various solutions used for this problem but in most cases, they involve a standardized string entered into the locality field that indicates that no specific locality information is available. In my collection, I use the string “No specific locality information provided” in the locality field. This prevents the country name duplication you mention but also provides some context as to why no locality is provided. If you just enter the country name again it may indicate that you just haven’t digitized the full locality information as yet or some other reason why the locality is “missing”