A restrictions table to sit alongside Permits and CO's

We need to add restrictions (something like no loans or no genetic sampling outside named collaborators) to both individual CO’s i.e. material coming as one-off un-accessed / existing material or to batches of CO’s i.e. all CO’s from Brazil since 1969.

@rcubey Do you have ideas as to what fields you would like to have in such a table? Would it simply be a single remarks field for entering restrictions/permissions or is there other information you would like to capture?

OSUMBD would also be interested in this. A huge portion of our material has very stringent legal restrictions on it. About 10% of our collection is federally endangered, 30% is state endangered, and there are state laws that further restrict what can be done with 90+% of our material. Having configurable behaviors based on permits and legal statuses would be great.