Add Fields to a Table's Query Combobox Search

Note: If you are unfamiliar with App Resources and how to access them, please check out our resources on the topic :specify:.

Users can modify the TypeSearches app resource file to change which fields are being searched within a specific table!

In this instance, I want uniqueIdentifier to be added to the Locality query combobox as a field I can search on.

You can see in the highlighted section that I have added the uniqueIdentifier field to the list of fields within the searchfield= attribute. Now when searching using the QCBX for Locality it will use uniqueIdentifier as one of the fields it is querying.

In the Locality record:

In the QCBX:

This solution will work for any table in the TypeSearches app resource as well. Just add the fields to the comma-separated list in the searchfield= attribute and they will be searchable. You can modify the table format to include the searchable field as well to clarify the search behavior.

Thanks to @ianengelbrecht for bringing this topic to our attention! :smile: