Edit the Query Combo Box Simple Search Form

  1. Download a copy of the search.views.xml file from the Specify GitHub repostiory:


  2. Go to the App Resources panel.

  3. At a level of your choosing, click :plus_: Add Resource

  4. Select the :data_entry_: Form Definitions resource type:

    Name is search.views.xml:

  5. Now click Load File and select the downloaded search.views.xml file downloaded in step 1.

    Now click Save!

  6. Now we can begin making edits to the search view definitions.

    Find the <viewdef> that corresponds with the search form you wish to modify. You can find it by searching for the table name in the embedded XML editor.

    For this example, I’m editing the Locality search form definition.

  7. Add any fields that you would like following the same rules and logic established for other form definitions.

    :bulb: Read this first: Editing Forms

    In this case, I added latitude1 and longitude1 as searchable fields on this form.

    Once this is complete, click Save.

  8. Log out and log back in!

    Once you go to search using the query combo box, you will see this:

    Updated Locality Search form: