Allow Logins

If you are encountering an issue where you see a warning upon trying to log in that looks like the one below, it is because an administrator in the database disabled logging in.

An Issue of Concern
:stop_sign: The Specify database is ‘blocking’ logins, for maintenance by ‘specifyuser’.

To disable this, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the database as the administrator who blocked logins.

  2. Go to System → System Setup → Configuration


  3. Click on Allow Logins

    Allow Logins

All users should now be able to log in with Specify 6!

From a database perspective:

In the database, when users are blocked from accessing Specify 6, it is controlled by two fields in the spversion table, IsDBClosed and DbClosedBy.

IsDBClosed is a boolean field, where 0 means it is accessible by all users and 1 means it is closed by the administrator.

DbClosedBy is a varchar field that copies the name of the administrator that locked the database into it.

SpVersionID TimestampCreated TimestampModified Version AppName AppVersion SchemaVersion IsDBClosed DbClosedBy CreatedByAgentID ModifiedByAgentID WorkbenchSchemaVersion
1 2011-02-11 10:10:17.000 29 6.8.02 2.10 0

You can safely change these values to 0 and [NULL] respectively to unlock the database.