Best practice on Collection object / Collecting event Attributes?

Hi there,

Were about to inject some collection object attributes and collecting event attributes to existing collection objects and collecting events.

I see in the schema that Specify 5 came along with dedicated attributes tables with a few predefined text, integer, float, boolean attributes. E.g. Collecting Event Attribute or Collection Object Attribute.

Specify 6 offers a greater flexibility with the new tables collectionobjectattr and collectingeventattr associated with a custom definition attributedef.

Question : should we use the Specify 6 tables by default ? Or can we still use the Specify 5 tables if the predefined attributes are more than enough for our needs ?

Corollary question : could Specify 5 tables collectingeventattribute and collectionobjectattribute be marked as deprecated and removed from the schema in future release?

A jan 2023 post said at the time that:

The CollectionObjectAttrs relationship and table are not meant to be used at this time. You can however use the CollectionObjectAttribute relationship and table!

Still relevant?

Thanks for the tips,
Philippe V.