Change a collection from Embedded Collecting Event to Shared

  1. Change the collecting event line in the collection object table copying the Fish form

  2. Replace the Collecting Event line in the collection object table with the following lines:

<cell type="label" labelfor="7"/>
<cell type="field" id="7" name="collectingEvent" uitype="querycbx" initialize="name=CollectingEvent;clonebtn=true" colspan="9"/>
  1. Change the MySQL collection table using the following script:
update collection set isembeddedcollectingevent = false

If there is more than one collection present and you do not want to change all of the collections, use this script:

update collection set isembeddedcollectingevent = false where
usergroupscopeid = X;

Replace x with the usergroupscopeid for the collection to be changed.

Why would someone want to do this for their collection?
Can more information be provided as to the use-case and what it means if isembeddedcollectingevent is true and what it means if it is false?

Thank you


Good question!

@Amelie I think you had the same questioning.

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I have since learned more about this.

A CollectingEvent with the same exact information often generates multiple CollectionObject specimens.

If isembeddedcollectingevent=true, then these COs cannot share the same CE record. That means that even though they were all collected with the same event, if you were to go into the CE record and update something like a note on the CE record, the other COs would not pick up this change because they have their own copies of this data in their own CE record.

By setting isembeddedcollectingevent=false, then you can have these COs all link to the same CE and therefore if you change the CE data, then all COs will pick up that change since they point to a singular CE.

What I have trouble imagining is why someone would want to have each CO have a unique CE rather than COs from the same event share the CE record.
One thought is that because there are many extra fields on the CE record, it is possible that a user would want to have similar-but-different information for each CO’s CE even though the identifying information such as date, time, location are the same. Perhaps they would want to indicate different “Collectors” or something else and so they would not want to share the CE.


Ah ok! It’s much clearer for me now!