Conditional rendering for subviews on CO form

I am looking to have a checkbox (yesNo4) at the top of the Collection Object form that when clicked will render the form read-only. I have gotten it to be functional for the fields in the Collection Object table itself, however am having difficulty with the related tables.

To start, I have been trying to get the verbatimLocality field in the Collecting Event table to be read only when the yesNo4 field is checked. I started with the condition collectionObject.yesNo4=Yes, however changed it to collectionObjects.yesNo4=Yes when the linter complained that the former was an invalid relationship. Even with the change, I was not able to achieve the desired result.

I have also tried to get fields in determination to be read-only based on the CO yesNo4, however have so far been unsuccessful.

To test whether it was a limit in my understanding of the relationship syntax in the condition system, I tried making verbatimLocality in collecting event read-only based on a field in locality. This was successful, through locality.localityName=Vancouver I was able to successful apply the condition.

Just getting the condition to apply from CO → CE, CO → DET and CO → PREP should be sufficient, because then I can make all further relationships read-only by making the associated querycombobox read-only.

What am I missing? Has anyone achieved this?