Conditional rendering in Panels in Specify 6 and 7

Is the condition attribute of a rows tag in a Panel () only supported in Specify 7?
Is there a way to do conditional rendering in Specify 6?

Specify 6 does indeed support conditional rendering. This is used on an Agent form to display a different form depending on agent type:

        <view name="Agent"
            <desc><![CDATA[Agent subform within the AccessionAgent form.]]></desc>
            <altviews defaultmode="view" selector="agentType">
                <altview name="Organization View" viewdef="Organization" mode="view" selector_value="0"/>
                <altview name="Agent View"        viewdef="Agent"        mode="view" selector_value="1"/>
                <altview name="Organization Edit" viewdef="Organization" mode="edit" selector_value="0"/>
                <altview name="Agent Edit"        viewdef="Agent"        mode="edit" selector_value="1" default="true"/>

(see selector and selector_value in the above example)

Also, I should warn that the Specify 7 documentation you see for conditional form rendering (Form System · specify/specify7 Wiki · GitHub) is describing a yet-to-be releases feature (it’s already implemented, but will be released once it is sufficiently tested).

Thanks for the explanation and the warning. This is interesting functionality. Looking forward to trying it.