Deaccession - guide is needed

Hello everyone,

We’re diving into the Deaccession process for the first time and could use some guidance. Any chance someone could share a step-by-step guide or or shed some light on the best way to tackle this?

Currently I’m at step one - I’ve created a new Disposal and linked it with the required collection objects, but I’m not sure how to link it to an existing Accession, and more importantly how to make it visible and obvious that the collection objects in question are not any more available within our collection.
Your insights are much appreciated!

Our solution to indicating that items are no longer in the collection is to have a picklist on the collection object form that indicates ‘discarded,’ ‘donated,’ ‘lost,’ etc.’ near the catalog number. This isn’t automated or linked in any way to the deaccession forms, which we haven’t been using (so I can’t help you there, sorry) but may be a useful idea.

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Thank you, Paul!
It can be a possible workaround, which we might use as well, if the ‘official’ solution remains unclear.