Query for Collection objects with no Dets


I’m trying to create a query that looks for Collection objects that have no items in a related table (in this case, collection objects with no Dets). I can’t currently see a way of doing that - there doesn’t seem to be a way of querying on presence or absence of a related table. Am I missing something / has anyone found a workaround for this? - Finding CO’s with no Dets would be very useful as a way of checking data / identifying missing Determinations.


This works for me:


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thanks Fedoras.
That does indeed work! Interestingly I’d tried some other fields, but they didn’t work - just tested whether that field was blank or not in a populated record. hadn’t thought to try this one. Presumably the GUID field is special - I’m guessing this field is the key that links the tables under the covers - which is why searching on it works to find blanks, when other fields don’t?

It might be something like that - a record with no determination has no determination fields to search (they aren’t empty, they simply don’t exist). But if you create a determination and save it (with no data added/all fields null), now you can find that record by searching for those empty fields. Somehow determination GUID must still be connected with the Collection Object form even when there are no dets.

It works because there are no Determinations without GUID, so you get the Collection Objects without Determinations. With any other field, you’d also get Collection Objects with Determinations that have no value for that field.