DNA extraction Fields

Hello! I am a new user of specify and am still getting familiar with the program. I work with a collection of tissues and dna, so the fields relating to tissue preparations, extracts, sequences, etc. are important to me. In this regard, I am trying to find the extraction_type field and I am not able to. I don’t know if it exists and I can’t find it or if it doesn’t exist. Could someone help me? Thanks

Thank you for your message! You can contact me via Email or on the forum, just like you did yesterday. Whichever method you prefer! As a bonus, the forum is helpful for other Specify newcomers and users who may encounter the same issue in the future.

I’m glad you were able to find the post about the schema for tissues, DNA extracts, sequence data, etc! Andy Bentley (@AndyBentley on the forum), the KU Ichthyology Collection Manager and a member of the Specify team, manages his collections data in Specify by creating separate Specify collections for tissues and vouchers.

He can link his tissue data to his vouchers by using ‘Collection Relationships’ in Specify. This also allows for handling preparations and associated DNA data differently depending on the collection.

You can see his database here and build queries on his data. He would be happy to meet with you to talk about his approach!