Download Specify 7 System Information

Download Specify 7 Information

If you need to report an issue and want to give more context or if a Specify support staff member has asked for this information, follow the instructions below to download the Specify 7 system information.

This also is how you can find which Specify 7 version you are currently using, along with the current collection, discipline, division, and institution you are in!

  1. Go to the User Tools menu.

  2. Select :info_: About Specify 7 from the menu.

  3. In the “About Specify 7” dialog, click on the Download Information button in the bottom right of the dialog.

  4. A text file will be downloaded containing the system information. You can attach this to either a post on the forum or in an email to along with a description of your question or issue.

    For reference, the file should look something like this:

    Specify 7 System Information - 2024-03-13T16_50_08.445Z.txt (578.5 KB)

    and it will contain a long string of system information that the Specify team can examine to learn about the specifics of your installation or issue:

    {"message":"System Information report. Generated on 2024-03-13T16:50:08.445Z","userInformation":{"id":1,"accumminloggedin":null,"email":"","isloggedin":true,"isloggedinreport":false,"logincollectionname":null,"logindisciplinename":null,"loginouttime":"2022-12-12T08:30:17","name":"Sp7demofish","timestampcreated":"2012-08-09T12:29:16","