There is a new TCN currently being spun up to submit a proposal that seeks funding from the National Science Foundation to catalog the ‘incidentally caught’ organisms on/attached to the ‘main’ organisms in cataloged lots (e.g., uncataloged barnacles on a cataloged scallop). This project will focus on marine invertebrates but I can think of other collections that might have this sort of scenario (parasites, insect eggs on a herbarium specimen, a mix of fossils on a single slab, etc.). If your collection deals with this, or with other kinds of multi-species lots where you can’t or don’t want to separate various taxa into other ‘jars’, how do you do it in Specify? (please mention if it’s in 6 or 7).

I should add that I am using a single database for all invertebrate phyla - a place with separate mollusk and arthropod collections and curators may have a very different way of doing it but I’m curious to see that as well.