Error adding geography fields to new query

Specify 7 version “edge.” When creating a new query and adding a geography field, the final step of the mapping process is empty. For example, when adding the “Country” field to a new query

the rightmost box used to have the option “Full Name” but is now empty. I can double-click Country in the previous box to add it to the query as (formatted), but doing so results in the following error code when the query is run:
“Error occurred fetching from
Invalid response code 500. Expected 200.”
Existing, saved queries still map to “Full Name” at the final step and continue to work. The problem only occurs for new queries. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @davidaboyd,

It looks like your fullName field is hidden in the Geography table. You’ll need to go into the Schema Config tool and unhide that field in that table to see it in the query builder!

That did the trick, thanks very much!