Schema configuration and changing display of forms/tables

I am investigating the schema configuration tool to try and add/show all the available fields and information associated with it.

For example, where it says Middle it really is the series “middle” for the parent “Devonian”

I would like to try and add that “parent” field so you can see it visually on one form screen (e.g., showing up after middle on the locality bar).

So, the locality bar looks like this right now:
Detloc1, State, Country, LAT LONG, Series (middle), Member

I would like to have:
DetLoc1, State, Country, LAT LONG, Series (middle), Period(Devonian), Member

Under the table format editor, however, whenever I try to click on “parent” or “rank” to add them, I get no response from the system as if I cannot add those fields.

Is there any way to add/edit available fields in the Table Format Editor? Or is it “what you see is what you get” based on the relationships and table fields

The schema configuration table for this field is locality.

Thank you!

Hi @tdiamond,

Some fields that are linking to other tables cannot be added to the table format editor, including all one-to-many relationships. Fields that are included within that table such as text, number, or integer fields should always be available but some relationships are unsupported.

Hi @tdiamond. You should be able to do this by changing your tree format for that tree to include that level and then add the whole table to the formatter above much like you have for geography (full name). I am not a paleo collection but this screenshot should indicate where to change it in the respective tree: