Error creating new agent

When I create a new user, I create a new agent for that user and when I click on save this error message appears.

I’m using specify 7.8.6
can you help me?

Hi @Andre,

This is most likely caused by a bug present in Specify 7 from 7.7.0 → 7.8.6. Updating to the latest version of Specify 7 (7.8.13) should resolve the problem.

From the change log of Specify 7.8.7:

  • Fixed the inability to create new agents from the query combobox in the Security & Accounts panel (#2696) – Reported By SAIAB, Natural History Museums of Denmark, and others

If updating does not solve the issue, could you download the crash report and send it to us?

Thank you!

Hi, I am getting the same error message as in Andre’s screenshot and as a very new user to Specify 7 I have no idea how to update it. I am using Specify 7.8.12. It looks like 7.8.13 is the newest version.

Can you send the crash report via email?

As far as updating Specify 7, this must be done by your IT administrator, which involves editing the docker-compose.yml. You need to modify this and the worker component in the docker-compose file.

    restart: unless-stopped
    image: specifyconsortium/specify7-service:v7
    init: true

The image used by Docker must be modified.

v7 means the latest version of Specify 7.


You can specifically request a version by putting it below:


For most situations, v7 is our recommendation. Anytime your IT administrator pulls the latest changes from Docker Hub, you will be updated!

I sent a crash report via e-mail.

The error received is reporting that there already is a user named Specifysupport, so you are prevented from creating a duplicate.

I have created an issue on GitHub so we can catch this issue in the future before it takes place!

You should be able to update the existing ‘Specifysupport’ user instead of creating a new one!