Specify 7.9.3 Release Announcement


Release Announcement

This update requires Specify 6.8.03 (Schema 2.10).

Update Instructions

Note: This release now requires 6.8.03 as the minimum Specify 6 version!

Make sure your database is updated to Specify 6.8.03 and adjust your docker-compose.yml file accordingly before proceeding with this update.

    image: specifyconsortium/specify6-service:6.8.03
      - "specify6:/volumes/Specify"

If you are updating to Specify 7.9.3, Specify needs to create new tables for the uniqueness rule functions. Otherwise, you will receive errors about the specify.uniquenessrule table not existing.

In your docker-compose.yml file, you should use your root user credentials instead of the master user credentials for the first run in Specify 7.

You just need to modify the following lines in the environment section, replacing root_password with your root user’s password:

- MASTER_PASSWORD=root_password

After this is complete, you can compose the containers again. Once the migration is complete (as soon as the instance can be used), you can change it back to the previous master user credentials. (29 January 2024)

This release fixes an issue that could cause an error when viewing an Accession or Repository Agreement form with interaction agents present.

7.9.3 (23 January 2024)


  • Batch Attachment Upload (#3539) – Requested by University of Michigan, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, and many others

    • This tool enables users to import attachments in bulk by matching the filenames of the uploaded attachments with identifiers for existing records!
    • User Documentation
  • Add configurable uniqueness rules (#2712) – Requested by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, University of Michigan, New Mexico State Herbarium, New Brunswick Museum, Natural History Museum Geneva

    • The Schema Config now allows configuration of Uniqueness Rules.
      • Each rule consists of two groups: ‘fields’ and ‘scope’.
      • ‘Fields’ represent the values that must be unique within a specific scope.
      • For example, in the Collection Object, the catalogNumber field has a unique rule within the scope of the Collection. This ensures that each collection must have a unique catalog number.
    • User Documentation


  • Buttons on the Statistics Page are now stylistically consistent with other buttons elsewhere in the application (#4315)
  • When add a child under a node in any tree, the next enforced rank in the tree will pre-populate on the form (#4273)


  • Fixed an issue in the WorkBench where an error occurred during validation if multiple picklists had the same name (#4272) – Reported by University of Michigan, Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona, Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Files are now only downloaded once instead of twice (#4404) – Reported by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and others
  • Attachments are now only fetched when the attachment gallery icon is clicked (#4284)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the page title from being displayed properly (#4291) – Reported by University of Michigan
  • When ‘line wrap’ is disabled, the app resource editor now stays confined to the view width (#4310)
  • Fixed an issue where rank name would not display when tree definition items are missing a title (#4353)
  • Fixed an issue that may corrupt app resource record data when performing a record merge (#4237) – Reported by Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona

The full changelog is available on GitHub.

For source code go to the GitHub Specify 7 repository.

For more information about Specify 7, or about this release, see https://www.specifysoftware.org/products/specify-7/, or email support@specifysoftware.org.