Host relationship within a collection

Hi. Creating a host relationship in Specify requires that the specimen and its hosts are in different collections. Is there a way to create a host relationship to a taxon name or a specimen in the same collection? Thanks. Soraya

You can create a relationship between a collection and itself. I can help if necessary. There is no way to create relationships between taxa, only between collection objects.

Hi @willem. Yes, I would like to know how to create a relationship between a collection and itself. Thanks!

Please send me an email to discuss:

You need to go to Help / About in Specify 6. Then double click the database name. This is where you set preferences.

You need to set a local pref “SELF_COLREL” to enable the ColRel setup wizard to show all the Collections in the destination list. The value of this preference must be ‘true’. Click out of the row to be sure that it takes.

Then you should be able to click on System and Configure Collection Relationships.

The xml form code that applies is not affected by whether it is a relationship between a collection and itself, or between two collections.

Many thanks Willem! Will try it out.