How to Create a New Report/Label Step-by-Step

This documents how to create a new report, step-by-step with screenshots.

  1. Log into Specify with your user account

  2. I can verify that everything is displayed correctly.

  3. Open the SpiReport application

  4. Log into Specify using the same user account you used in step 1.

  5. Click on the :magic_wand: (magic wand) icon in the top left


  1. Select the query you wish to use as the basis for the report or label from the list of queries and click OK.

  1. Establish the report properties then click OK.

  1. Expanded the Document → Fields menu and drag your desired fields from the query into the detail section of the label.

Note: This is a really unorganized and basic label but this workflow should be the same for any new label.

You can remove all bands besides the detail band by resizing them until their height is 0 (so they disappear).

Please read our documentation on creating reports and labels available here!

  1. Click on the floppy disk icon to save :floppy_disk: (floppy disk) in the top left corner

Give the label a name so that you can recognize it once you return to Specify 6.

  1. Returned to Specify and click the Refresh button in the Reports tab.

You should now be able to see your new label or report!