Labels in Specify 6

I am trying to modify an existing label. I can get into SpiReport and when I say I want to open a report, I see all my labels and reports. When I choose one, the task bar grays out and the screen freezes. I have to use task manager to get out of SpiReport. My IT person has been able to make a new label, and I can see and run the label query in SpiReport. The label I want to modify has everything I need and is fairly complex given the fixed text, font, spacing etc., and I do not want to try to recreate it if I do not have to. I merely want to add another field to a blank spot on the existing label. Any clue as to why I can’t get an existing label to open?

Hi @Leslie,

Are you on the latest version of Specify 6?

Have you modified this label using Jaspersoft Studio or otherwise modified the report manually?

It would be nice if you could share your Specify logs after force-quitting the SpiReport app!

Can you try logging in to your account on another system and attempt to use iReport from there?

You can also export and import the label on another user’s account! From there, you can see if your IT person is unable to open it as well.

Thank you!