How to Use Spatial Search in a Query

Specify 7.8 introduces the ability to use Spatial Search in a query. This allows you to select a region on the world map and restrict the query results to only that area.

Some important restrictions to keep in mind when creating a spatial search are:

  • Spatial query searches on latitude1 and longitude1 columns only
  • You can only select a polygon area
  • You can only select a single area
  • The polygon’s sides must be parallel to the equator and the prime meridian

To activate it, add a Latitude1 or Longitude1 column to the query builder and press on the new pin button (📍)

In this example, we have a simple Locality query.

To begin using the spatial search functionality, I need to click the pin button. Once I do, the spatial search GeoMap dialog will appear.

:bulb: GeoMap documentation is available here. All of the features are available when using spatial search!

Using GeoMap’s built-in functionalities, I zoomed in and selected a region on the map.

Region selected

Now I click Save.

In the query fields, I can see that the Latitude1 and Longitude1 query field values have been modified to be between the coordinates I selected on the map.

Now when I run the query, I can see 127 results returned. These are all within the bounds of the region selected above.

In the top right of the query output, I can now select GeoMap and view these points on the map together. These points are all of the loaded records returned in your query.

:bulb: Tip: The map will only show selected query results, so if I want to limit the points mapped, I can select only the ones I wish to display in the GeoMap.

Now I can navigate around the map and click on the groups of pins.

When you select a pin, you can see important information about which particular specimen record is associated as well.

This feature was requested by SAIAB. Thank you for being a member of the Specify Collections Consortium!