Inconsistent results from 'browse in forms' from query

I ran into something interesting, in some inconsistent function when using the ‘browse in forms’ button after a query (specifically from a query from a taxon node (only changing ‘current’ status to ‘any’ for the auto-query generated out of the tree view).

Many of our collection objects have multiple dets, so searching on ‘any’ returns records that have the taxon recorded in more than one determination, results in the duplicate results (make sense).

Here is where it gets strange, if immediately after the query, I just select ‘browse in forms’, the resulting query results creates a view/page for EVERY instance of the same record, so if one collection object has multiple results for the same taxon, it is included multiple times in the forms.

BUT if I take the EXACT same query result, and use my mouse to SELECT all records, THEN select ‘browse in forms’ Specify only creates 1 form/view for each record (without replicating them for each det.).

So with a query which results in 108 instances of the taxon in a determination, if I just go directly to ‘browse in forms’ it shows 108 records to tab through.

BUT, if I select the records, even though ‘all’ the boxes are ticked, then choose ‘browse in forms’ only 57 records are opened (representing each unique collection object that is included in the results, eg. some have multiple dets with the queried taxon).

Personally, I don’t like the first result at all, and find it quite annoying to have to tab-through the same record multiple times, it also creates space for error, as there are sync errors if you try to edit the same collection object through different forms open in the same browse results.

I very much more prefer a single form result (eg. 2nd result) to only ‘view’ each relevant collection object once.

Hi @HeatherC,

In this screenshot, it looks like you have “checked” 57 records rather than every record that is returned in the query results. Can you try to recreate this where you check every record? (You can click one checkbox, hold Shift, then click on another and it will check all inbetween)


In the example, EVERY box (108) is actually checked, but it is only 57 unique collection objects. More obvious, here, where 3 boxes are checked, but Results say “3” (5 boxes = 3 COs)

6 boxes, but only 3 COs

6 boxes ticked, only 4 COS

(I tried a few times), when I would click one entry (eg. the first 01-01000529768), then the rest would automagically be selected. It doesn’t seem to make a difference if I use ‘shift’ to select many/all or not.

In this case (trying again right now)
In each ‘selected’ below, I only selected the first instance, and the other was automagically selected (which I think is great!)

But, if I just select ‘browse in forms’ without selecting ANY, then I get an object per line of results (eg. with the same collection object duplicated in the form view, I have to tab through it multiple times; I don’t think this is nice, and creates space for the records to get un-synched (you get an error, if you edited one, then tried to edit the other in the same browse-in-forms session).