Is it possible to install Specify7 on Ubuntu server?

I installed Specify 7 on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop. During the installation process it is necessary to run the Wizard to generate the database. Is it possible to install Specify 7 on Ubuntu Server 20.04 without GUI? Is there a way to create the database without using the Wizard, using a terminal or an article explaining how to migrate the database created on another machine that has a graphical interface?


You can generate the database on any machine with GUI and then copy it to the server:

  1. Install Specify 6 on a system with GUI, MySQL server and Java
  2. Open SpWizard and generate the initial database
  3. Use SpBackupRestore utility to create a “.sql” dump of the database
  4. Upload the database to the MySQL server on your Ubuntu server.

The Ubuntu server does not need to have Java installed, but it does need some Specify 6 files

Since database generation is a process you only have to do once, it should not be too cumbersome to transfer the database from one machine to another.

Thank you Max. I will do this procedure.