Make GUID into a barcode in iReport

GUID can be made into a barcode as long as the barcode type supports it.


In iReport, click the Barcode tool button and size the barcode box on the report.

Right click on the barcode once it is placed. Select properties.

Change the Properties tab to Barcode.

Change the Barcode Expression (in this case, “0815”) to $F{Guid} (or whichever field in iReport)

Change the Type from the dropdown menu to a supported barcode type (Int2of5, EAN13, UCC128, and UPCA are incompatible). The report will show a barcode error like below if it is incompatible in most cases:

Specify supports the following barcodes:

2of7 Code128B EAN13 SCC14Shipping APCA
3of9 Code128C Global Trade Shipment Identifier UPC3
Bookland Code39 Int2of5 SSCC18 UPC4
Codabar Code39(extended) Monarch Std2of5 USPS
Code128 EAN128 PDF417 UCC128


I recommend printing with Code128 or Code128B if you are using a handheld scanner.

Enabling the setting “Fill Frame” gives a greater surface area for the barcode.

Here is an example GUID Code128B barcode from a Specify report:

Let us know if you need any help or have problems with barcodes on reports/labels!