Displays for bar code scanning

Hi! I am very new to specify. My organization is seeking to bar code our collection with specify and provide 2 55 inch displays with bar code readers where people can scan the bar code on a specimen and have information about the specimen presented on the displays. I am the “IT person” and trying to figure out hardware for the displays/supporting computers/barcode scanners. Has anyone done an implementation like this before who would be willing to provide a few pointers or even an equipment manifest?

Thank you!

Specify supports printing and reading of barcodes. Printing of labels with barcodes is supported through our report writer, iReports so you can produce barcodes on labels for objects in your collection. Thereafter you can scan a barcode into a query for the catalog number of the specimen in order to bring back the collection object in question. I am not sure if there is any way that you could get that query to run automatically after scanning the barcode or whether you could get the object to show in form view thereafter so it may have to be a multistep process that would require some user input. Maybe others have some way this could be achieved through the API (not my forte) or some other mechanism.