Multiple records cloning

When entering collection objects from newly collected material, it would be convenient if the collection object could be cloned multiple times.
For example, if I want to insert 32 identical objects, it would be nice to have a “clone it X times” option where I could set X to 32 to generate 32 records.
It would probably be inappropriate to have this option for all collections, but is it possible to make it optional on the collection object form, or even put it in a different subform?

Hi @cicadina,

I think that’s a great idea! I have created a feature request on our GitHub issue tracker:

Could you share more about your use case? We know that series data entry is useful for entomology in particular.

Yes, I’m an entomologist. My main workflow is:

  1. Preparing all (or some) specimens from a collection event.
  2. Entering the prepared specimens into Specify
  3. Generate and apply labels (catalog number with QR code and collecting information)
  4. Identifying the specimens
  5. Enter determination and storage information in Specify
  6. (Optional) Generation of determination label
  7. Arrange specimens in storage boxes

I was just talking to a fellow protozoologist. He has a similar problem - a collection of several thousand microscope slides, often dozens of them with the same collection information and species to clone.