Not found results from queries

I feel like this is a luxury request and is a long-shot in terms of how much would have to be built to support this - but when using the ‘in’ option on a query followed by a comma-separated list, it would be handy for the query to identify or report which requested items weren’t returned in the query.

Hi @Plarson,

In Specify 7, you can currently run a query with the “negate” negate operator for a query item (documentation) that will return all items that do not match the query field.

If you are filtering by that comma-separated list, you could run it once without the negate function to see all returned results, then again with the negate button used so that you can see all query results that were excluded by the original query.

Does this fit your workflow or would you want Specify to return all results not returned by the entire query?

Not exactly… I’d like it to identify items that are missing completely from the database. For example, if I intended to catalog items with catalog numbers 143959 through 146323, I would like to query that range using “in,” supply it with the list of expected numbers, and see if I missed any in the results. something like “Not found: 144835, 14523” would be helpful. As is, I can just export and open the results in Excel to inspect for missing items, hence this would be a ‘luxury’ feature.

Hi @Plarson,

I have created a feature request on our GitHub tracker for the ability you described in the query builder:

Thank you for taking the time to share your request!