Paleo locality restrictions

I would like to start adding some locality data to Specify for paleontological sites, however, I am concerned about the data being available online. How do I restrict certain data, like coordinates, from the web portion of the database?

In Specify 6, we use a script to truncate, not round, our coordinates to a 10th of a degree before we publish to either our web portal or to the data aggregators iDigBio, and GBIF. We make a schema mapping in Specify and then in the data exporter make the cache. Before we export the information, my IT person goes in and runs the script and then tells me that I can create the export. Everyone else has to be out of Specify while we do this as any changes to the records after I update the cache and he is running the script will show up as a record that will force me to remake the cache. The other way to do it is to simply not add those fields to your export schema. It will not export what you do not give it. We have a statement in our web portal and that goes out to the data aggregators letting people know what we have done with our data. I can give you more info and tips and probably put you in touch with my IT person if you want.

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