Projects :project: are groupings of collection objects linked together using a project name and other information. Each collection object can be in multiple projects and each project can have multiple collection objects.

The Project table contains the following fields by default:

  • Project Name
  • Project Number
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Agent
  • Grant Agency
  • Grant Number
  • Description
  • Remarks


Projects can be shown on the Collection Object form in one of two ways, as a button or as a subform. Projects cannot be shown as a query combo box.

:warning: Note: You cannot add a Collection Object to an existing Project from the Collection Object form.

If you wish to add a Collection Object to an existing Project, you must do so from the Project form.

Project Button

Project Button

This is an example of the Project form, shown when viewed in a dialog from the Collection Object form:

Button Form Definition
	 <cell type="subview" viewname="Project" id="proj" name="projects" initialize="btn=true"/>

Project Subform

This is an example of the abbreviated Project form, shown when viewing the Collection Object form:

You can add all fields from the Project table into this subform.

Subform Definition
	 <cell type="subview" viewname="ProjectCO" id="pr" name="projects" colspan="13" rows="2"/> 

Additional Details

  • Projects have a unique many-to-many data model relationship, which make it unlike most other tables and links in Specify.
  • Projects records cannot be uploaded in the WorkBench at this time
  • Projects are only supported in Specify 6 at this time