Report & Label Examples

Example Gallery of Printed Label and Report Formats :reports_:

This document illustrates the range of possible design features for specimen labels and collection reports created with Specify Software. Although not exhaustive of all features, these samples provide a starting point for specifying a new specimen label or report design. When requesting label or report templates, we will need as much of the information identified below as can be provided.

Gallery-of-Printed-Label-and-Report-Formats.pdf (764.0 KB)

:specify6: Specify 6 & iReport

Below is a collection of PDF reports as well as the resource file to import into Specify 6.


Datamax Jar Labels.pdf (20.2 KB)
Datamax Jar Labels - KU Fish (3.0 KB)


Borrow Invoice (4.4 KB)

Loan Invoice (7.3 KB)

Shipping Form (3.6 KB)

You can follow the guide below to import and export labels:

:specify7: Specify 7 & Jaspersoft Studio

These report and label templates are taken from the University of Kansas Ichthyology collection. Members can reach out to for help with report and label development. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

Tissue Gift Report.jrxml (27.4 KB)

Teaching labels.jrxml (5.4 KB)

Loan Shipping Form.jrxml (16.7 KB)

Fish Gift Report.jrxml (27.7 KB)

Datamax Jar Labels.jrxml (11.0 KB)

Borrow Shipping Form.jrxml (15.8 KB)

Borrow Invoice Report.jrxml (21.0 KB)

Fish Loan Report.jrxml (36.4 KB)