Edit an Agent Format

The Table Format is the data and order of the data that appears in a query combo box, such as Locality and Collecting Event (in databases that share Collecting Events). At this point, these are the only two tables that can be formatted.

To edit a table format:

  1. In Specify, go to System in the menu at the top and select Schema Configuration… from the drop down menu.


The Schema & Localization Tools window will appear.

  1. Select English in the Available Locales box and click Edit a Schema.


The Schema Configuration – English window will appear.
3) In the Tables box, select the agent table.

  1. Click the ellipses after the Table Format field to reveal the Available Table Formats.

  1. Click the Agent (Default) option to highlight it and click the yellow pencil under the box.


  1. The Table Format Editor will appear displaying the different agent types. Click the ellipses after the agent type you want to edit. Most people want to change the format for how a person’s data is displayed (the second choice in the list).

0 – Organization
1 – Person
2 – Other
3 – Group

  1. In the next window you can modify the fields displayed for an agent. To add a field, click the field to be added to the format and click Add Field^. The field will be added to the format with a separator between the previous field and it.

  1. To delete a field from the format, click the field and in the menu that appears, select Delete Field.

  1. To insert a field between two fields already in the format, click the desired location for the field and right click. Select Place Cursor Here, and select the field from the available fields and click Add Field^.

  2. Once you have the desired table format set, click OK or Close until you are out of the Schema Configuration.