Shared attachment between multiple collection objects?

We have a pdf publication that covers 100 collection objects. Of course we don’t want to upload the same attachment file to all 100 objects. We would rather have one uploaded file that is referenced by all objects.
These objects are not part of the same accession, so we can’t do it on accession level.

There may be some obvious method for this, but it’s unknown to me. Is there anyone who has encountered this dilemma?

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If you attach the PDF to the reference work and connect it to the collection objects through the CO citation table you would only need to attach it once and it would show up for all 100 collection objects. See here as an example - Click on the Citation table at the bottom of the form and you should see 5 publications that have cited this record as well as the PDF’s of all of them.


Thanks, Andy. Spot on!