Simple Search Config

Configure Simple Search

Simple Search can be configured to use the minimum number of fields needed for a search, which will produce faster results.

Simple Search can also be configured to show results from indexed fields in other tables, or Related Searches. For example, a search for an Agent name can display the name in the Agent table, as well as all Determinations owned by that agent in the Determinations table. At this time the related searches are already built into Specify and can only be activated or deactivated.

Click the down arrow button in the Search box and choose image Simple Search Configuration from the drop-down menu to open the Simple Search Configuration dialog. The default permissions that Specify ships with do not allow Guest users to configure Simple Search.

The Simple Search Configuration dialog houses three separate tools; Search Fields, Related Searches and Results Ordering. All are accessible through tabs at the top of the dialog window.

Configuring Search Fields

The Search Fields tab enables fields within tables to be selected or deselected for both searches and display results. The Search Fields tool is divided into 4 sections.

  • Available Tables provides a list of available tables for Simple Search. Click a table to display available fields in both the Search Fields and Display Fields window.

  • Search Fields offers fields available to be searched. Choose fields by checking the box. Uncheck the box to remove the field from the search. Sorting determines whether the selected field will be sorted in results. Available options are Ascending, Descending or None (default). The ordering of fields may have a bearing on the sort order if more than one field is selected to be sorted.

  • Click the up or down (reorder keys) to move a selected field up or down in the ordered list.

  • Display Fields offers fields to be included in the results of the Simple Search, but not searched.

  • Fields To Be Searched provides the full list of the fields to be included, (and their associated table icon), in the Simple Search. This list will update as new fields and tables are chosen. To remove an entire table from the list, all fields must be deselected in the Search Fields section of the editor.

Configuring Related Searches

The Related Searches tab enables various fields that are related to the Search Fields to be selected as part of the search configuration. The Related Searches tool is divided into 3 sections.

  • Related Searches lists the related tables available for Simple Search.

  • Check or uncheck the Activate check box to add/remove the table to the Simple Search configuration.

  • A Description text box gives a description of the relationships between the related primary tables.

For optimal Simple Search performance, configure Simple Search to search only the fields that are needed.

Configuring Results Ordering

The Results Ordering tab allows the primary and related tables to be ordered.

  • Choose a Search field.

  • Click the up or down arrow to move the selected table up or down in the list. This determines the order on the Simple Search results page.